2021/587815 „Road to Ecopacks“ project is being implemented with the financial support of the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme Bulgaria, Green Industry Innovation Programme


Our newest project „Road to Ecopacks“ is in line with our strategy for short-term development which includes the establishment of a new line for eco cardboard printing thus allowing us to meet the new EU regulations and to preserve the environment. At the same time, we wish to better satisfy the demands of our clients of high quality printing on eco cardboards.

Over time, printing companies have taken a look at their production processes to implement more sustainable practices. So, we want to limit the use of unnecessary chemicals and to use more recycled materials. In addition, defining ourselves as progressive printing companies – we have opted for digital printing presses that use less power, require fewer chemicals and use biodegradable toner.

After all, changing press and other chemicals makes good sense if effective and environmentally friendly substitutes can be found. In the end, reducing waste lowers cost and makes the operation more efficient and profitable. These forward-thinking practices are our intention of how our printing company will evolve with the times. Our main mission now is eco-friendly printing.

Therefore the main project’s objective is being to improve the Right Pack Ltd competitiveness on the market of eco cardboard packaging. This will also allow the acquisition of a larger market share in the industry.

The specific goal is being to introduce a greener production process by modernization of the equipment.

We acquired a brand new MGI JETVARNISH 3D EVOLUTION which is the first such equipment in Bulgaria.

This system is a revolutionary registration development for the printing and finishing industry:
• Eliminates more than 80% of operator setup time spent on registration processes and reduces make-ready waste.
• Allow quick and seamless integration within job workflows with simple, automatic “scan and register” setup process.
• Supports rapid equipment amortization with increased throughput, faster job completion and greater productivity.
• Removes unnecessary operator wage costs & paper makeready waste associated with analog setup processes.

Overall the environmental benefits would come from the following areas and green features of the equipment:

Enhanced UV protection with lower energy consumption than traditional UV systems. Resulting in decreased energy consumption leading to saved CO2 emissions.

No makeready, no plates (offset), no screens (silkscreen), no dies (hot foiling), no waste (electricity, paper, varnish and time). Saving emissions, pollution, paper and other resources.

No cleaning steps between jobs (automatic inkjet head cleaning system). Increasing productivity and saving energy and time.

Reduction of consumables (elimination of many plastics). Decreasing resources needed, especially petroleum based. More environmentally friendly impact.

Despite recycling, we will use more and more recycled paper.

The economic effects are expected to be
Estimated increase in annual turnover: 32% at the end of 2024 compared to baseline year (2020).
– Estimated increase in net operational profit: 24 % at the end of 2024 compared to baseline year (2020).
– Estimated number of jobs created: 3.

Expected outputs are:
– 1 innovative technologies/processes/solutions applied.
– 1 measure implemented to decrease energy consumption.
– 1 measure implemented to decrease the consumption of materials.

Total value of the project: 406 500

Norway grants contribution: EUR 200 000