Our expertise

Right Pack produces packaging for established manufacturers in the food industry and also assists in the development of functional and innovative solutions for start-ups.

The food industry is highly competitive and we at Right Pack know how important the attractiveness, sustainability and safety of the packaging is. 

Thanks to our many years of experience we know the specifics of packaging for fast-moving goods in depth and can meet the requirements for quality, safety, speed and optimization of costs and materials.

Captivating at first glance

Cardboard packages for the food industry are the leading category in the Right Pack portfolio.  

We design and produce packaging that instantly grabs attention right off the shelf, which is extremely important in the highly competitive environment of the food industry. Your project is in safe hands with us. 

Thanks to our extensive machinery fleet and many years of experience, we will offer convenient solutions for folds, finishing effects and convenient use of materials in order for you to get the packaging that best represents your brand.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is increasingly being used in the food industry for the production of healthy food, nutritional supplements, spices and others.

Flexible packaging is used in the production of confectionery and ice cream. It is also widely used in packaging for yellow cheese, cheese, rice, seeds, and legume products. 

Flexible packaging perfectly combines the possibilities for a detailed and high-quality image, speed, functionality and optimization of production costs. At Right Pack we have web offset printing technologies at our disposal and can produce high quality flexible packaging in both large and smaller runs.

Variety of packaging types and materials used

Cardboard packages, which are the ones most commonly used in the industry, are becoming more and more interactive. In recent years we have been offering a rich variety of forms, a combination of several technologies and overlaying of additional effects. New versions for promotional activities are often made based on the main packaging.  More complex packaging with additional insulating materials, such as foils or attachments and other inserts, is used for the production of tea and coffee packaging, bag-and-box packaging for juice and milk, etc. 

Special focus on functionality and safety

At Right Pack we pay special attention to the functionality and safety of food packaging. They should be comfortable to use and easy to pour from and open. The product should be well insulated to preserve its taste. The materials in contact with it must be specifically selected to be safe and to help store and protect it from the influence of the external environment. 

Eco packaging and nature conservation

Right Pack meets the changing demands of consumers for the packaging of their favourite food products to be environmentally friendly. Eco packaging also meets the known specific requirements for production and marking. At Right Pack we follow our mission to invest in new digital technologies that reduce waste and excessive paper usage and have low-emissions. About 50% of the cardboard used for packaging for the food industry is recyclable. All of this contributes to the reduction of deforestation for paper production worldwide.

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