Pharmaceutical Packaging – Right Pack’s New Low-Emission Printing Technology Makes Production More Sustainable

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Until now, pharmaceutical packaging production has been associated with large quantities, regulatory requirements, high paper consumption, and energy expenditure. How can these essential packaging solutions fit into the trend of sustainable production? The answer, of course, lies in the use of innovative printing machines and technologies. Thanks to them, the production time for long series is shortened by more than ten times, ensuring the necessary high quality.
Right Pack Printing House has been a longstanding partner to numerous companies in the pharmaceutical sector, possessing the expertise and understanding of the intricacies of manufacturing medicine boxes.

Features of Pharmaceutical Packaging

The most commonly used type of cardboard for printing these packaging solutions is cellulose cardboard with fresh fibers. Pantone colors are primarily used, with a requirement for embossed Braille relief on these boxes. Since February 9, 2019, the European Union has implemented a medicine tracking system to prevent counterfeiting, imposing detailed rules for safety indicators on packaging. One of the indicators is the mandatory printing of GS1 GTIN – Global Trade Item Number – in 2D Data Matrix barcode. Smart Packaging with Additional Markings Intelligent packaging solutions, such as RFID labels, QR codes, and NFC labels, are also entering the pharmaceutical industry. They help customers obtain additional information about medicines, provide real-time tracking, and can complement measures against counterfeiting.

Over-the-Counter Pharmaceutical Product Packaging

Packaging for over-the-counter medicines and supplements, commonly seen in drugstores, faces the challenge of increasing competition for consumer attention. These include packaging for probiotics, cough syrups, boxes, and sachets for vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, and many others. They stand out with increasingly creative designs, rich in elements and colors. They are also becoming more complex, with additional inserts, adding small gifts, smaller testers, additional calendars, and instructions for use.

Features of Pharma-Cosmetic Packaging 

Producers of therapeutic cosmetics are also turning their attention to low-emission packaging production. It is in line with campaigns promoting the use of animal and environmentally friendly organic cosmetics. Although much of the packaging design follows minimalist trends, there is a tendency to use various effects such as Drip Off varnish for structured effects, hot stamping, partial UV varnish, and others.

400,000 boxes in two hours with the new “Roland” – more than ten times less energy consumption

The path to sustainability undoubtedly goes through new technologies, and one of them is the implementation of innovative and highly efficient offset printing machines – the “Roland 708 EVOLUTION.” Right Pack is the first printing house in Eastern Europe to invest in it. Its advantages are numerous – printing in 8 Pantone colors + two varnishes, with the machine simultaneously printing and applying varnish. Very short preparation time, technology for tracking during printing, and low waste.
If we were to compare with previous technologies – 40,000 printed sheets with outdated technology take nearly 20 hours, while with the new one, they are reduced to 3 hours! This is nearly 6 times less energy and labor hours.

Many of our clients from the pharmaceutical industry are already producing their packaging in this low-emission way. At Right Pack Printing House, we are purposefully pursuing our mission to introduce sustainable production and finding increasing support and demand in this direction.