Bag in Box – The Packaging That Ensures Quality and Long Shelf Life for Beverages

bag-in-box juice box

Bag in Box: A Common Everyday Packaging:

The Bag in Box container is one of the most prevalent packaging options in our daily lives. Consisting of a flexible pouch within a sturdy cardboard box, it is suitable for packaging larger volumes of liquids, often ranging between two and five kilograms, with the potential to go up to ten kilograms.

Preferred by Juice and Wine Producers: 

Bag-in-box packaging is highly favored by juice and wine producers. A significant portion of milk packaging also falls under the “bag-in-box” category. This article provides more information on the primary advantages and considerations for preserving the quality and extending the lifespan of beverages.

The “Right Pack” Experience:

As a leading packaging manufacturer in Bulgaria, “Right Pack” has gained the trust of established wine and juice producers. We share our expertise and knowledge regarding the development of this type of packaging.

Bag-in-Box for Wine:

The bag-in-box packaging, with its longstanding history, has earned the trust of wine enthusiasts. Selecting an appropriate pouch with a high oxygen barrier is crucial for preserving the quality of wine before and after opening.

Properties of Bag-in-Box for Juices:

Similar to wine, fruit drinks have specific storage requirements. Juice boxes, made with quality materials, can retain their properties on the shelf for up to six months before opening. The high oxygen barrier in the packaging structure preserves the aromas and flavors of the beverages for up to 28 days after opening.

Easy Transportation and Safe Usage:

Bag-in-box packaging is lighter, much easier for transportation, and also safer compared to glass bottles. These packages are often preferred in situations involving children or at events where public gatherings occur.

Full Production Cycle:

The bag-in-box packaging is essentially a cardboard box. “Right Pack” excels at efficiently producing various designs and incorporating necessary features, including specific closures and sealing mechanisms, throughout our full production cycle.

Lower Carbon Footprint:

Compared to plastic and glass packaging, bag-in-boxes have a lower carbon footprint. Investments in new and modern technologies at “Right Pack” allow us to further support this eco-friendly process and meet consumer expectations.
If we are to sum up the characteristics and advantages of bag-in-box packaging in just a few words, they would be reliability, tradition, and trust. If you are seeking a packaging solution for your liquids, we at “Right Pack” are ready to discuss the specifics of your product and offer the most suitable option.