В днешния свят, където екологичните проблеми са на преден план, все по-голяма част от производителите на продукти се обръщат към производството на екоопаковки.

Until now, pharmaceutical packaging production has been associated with large quantities, regulatory requirements

The latest blog from the “Right Pack” printing house is dedicated to the producers of wine, juice, milk, and other products who are seeking a solution for offering their products in maxi packaging containing larger quantities.

As the holiday season approaches, many companies are thinking about how to impress their customers and boost their sales.

В свят, в който значението на здравословно и балансирано хранене нараства, индустрията на био- супер храните и естествените хранителни добавки е във възход.

Learn more about cosmetic packaging trends in 2023. Explore our site for more information on luxury cosmetic packaging.

Flexible packaging is part of the rich “Right Pack” portfolio and finds wide application in the food industry. Its main advantage is that it allows…

The first digital MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution installed in Bulgaria is now working in “Right Pack”! The machine is for finishing operations such as partial varnish and hot stamping. A key innovation in technology is the absence of waste…

Paper is one of the products which are widely used in our daily life for various purposes. It represents an extremely valuable resource and our duty as a company engaged in the production of a wide range of…

Offset printing is the most widely used method for printing cardboard packages. It is popular because of the savings it offers, its speed and its excellent print quality.