Right Pack: 50% recycled paper packaging of our total production by 2025

Paper is one of the products which are widely used in our daily life for various purposes. It represents an extremely valuable resource and our duty as a company engaged in the production of a wide range of packaging is to optimize its use as much as possible. Since the founding of Right Pack our main aspiration has been to introduce sustainability into our production. For this purpose, we invest in energy-efficient and low-emission machines to reduce the carbon footprint of our production. We rely on modern technologies and digital machines for the more efficient use of paper that allow zero waste. Our mission is by the end of 2025 to achieve production in which 50% of our packaging is made of recycled paper and thus help preserve the forests worldwide.


Why is the use of recycled paper so important today and what is its consumption in Bulgaria and Europe? The data from an analysis by the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water indicate that as of 2018 the waste generated by packaging in our country was over 479 thousand tonnes. If it is calculated per the population figure as of that date (31 December 2018), the number is 71 kg per capita. In the same year the consumption of packaging made of paper and cardboard materials was 168,840 tonnes. Less than 20% of these were separately discarded – only 33,000 tonnes, of which only 5,940 tonnes were suitable for recycling, or only 18% of separately disposed paper waste.

Recycled paper consists of 80% recycled blend and 20% fresh cellulose fibres. As of 2020, the use of recycled paper in Europe is 75,800,000 tonnes, or 73.9% of recycled paper used. In our country, the data for the same year indicate that the recycled paper used was 960,000 tonnes, or 48%. (data) 24 trees with a height of 12.5 m and 18 cm in diameter are needed to produce 1 tonne of pulp paper. Between 80 and 160 thousand trees are cut down daily for the needs of the paper industry worldwide.

The recycling of paper and its subsequent use play an important role in reducing the negative impact on the environment and in particular the deforestation. Paper can be recycled between 5 and 7 times. An increase in the use of recycled paper by just 10% could save 1,843,200 trees.

Production of recyclable packaging by Right Pack

In order to contribute to reducing the negative effects on nature, we at Right Pack produce recyclable packaging for the needs of our customers. It receives special marking, indicated by the international recycling symbol representing three chasing arrows forming a triangle. It symbolizes the cycle in nature – creation, use, processing.

Part of our product portfolio includes packaging made from 100% recycled paper. Eco packaging can be used for a wide range of purposes, including in the food industry. The food industry is one of the sectors that generates significant amount of plastic waste while the use of disposable eco boxes contributes to a significant reduction of this negative effect on the planet.


Many Bulgarian and global brands are already relying on the creation of sustainable packaging. This is also necessitated by the change in the attitude and demands of consumers towards the products they consume. Caring for the environment is a long-term policy that every production must plan and follow.