The use of offset roll printing for flexible packaging – the key to sustainability and profitability in food production

гъвкави опаковки

Flexible packaging is part of the rich “Right Pack” portfolio and finds wide application in the food industry. Its main advantage is that it allows packaging printing at low initial costs, without plates, and with excellent print quality. The printing technology we use is offset roll printing.
In this article, we will explore the characteristics of flexible packaging and find an answer to the question of why it is a preferred choice for a range of industries in the food sector, starting from more traditional foods such as rice, spices, cheese, and other dairy and meat products, to innovative organic foods, food supplements, protein bars, “super” foods, and more.

гъвкави опаковки - хранителни продукти гъвкави опаковки - хранителни продукти

Flexible packaging is lightweight, requires less material for production, and has low transportation costs, making them more profitable and environmentally friendly. They provide excellent protection for food products, helping to preserve their freshness, taste, and quality. And last but not least, they offer greater convenience for consumers, as they are easy to open, store, and transport.


One of the most significant advantages of flexible packaging is its ability to keep food fresh. Flexible packaging materials provide a barrier to air, moisture, and light – the factors that typically lead to spoilage and degradation of food.

We recommend materials that fit the client’s needs according to the product type. For example, some foods require a high moisture barrier, while others require better light protection. When using the right combination of materials, flexible packaging can extend the shelf life of food products, reduce waste, and maintain the quality and freshness of the food.

At “Right Pack” printing house, the personal approach to the client’s needs is of primary importance. Depending on the product type and storage conditions, we offer the most suitable solutions for flexible packaging .

гъвкави опаковки - хранителни продукти


The flexible packaging is designed to be easy, convenient, open and close. It can be printed in various sizes and shapes, making it suitable for many food products – from nuts, snacks, and dried fruits to spices, pasta, dairy and meat products, and many others. This type of packaging helps reduce waste as consumers can easily consume only what they need and keep the rest for later.

The flexible packaging comes from the printing machines in the form of rolls, but before that, the exact size and places where the “cuts” will be applied.

At “Right Pack”, we also produce “Doypack”, packaging with a zipper, an excellent solution for various food products.


As mentioned above, the main advantage of using offset printing technology to produce flexible packaging is the absence of initial costs for plates, which are mandatory for flexo printing. This makes short runs more profitable and allows frequent design changes or modifications. In addition, flexible packaging requires less material, takes less space, and has a lower weight, which reduces transportation and storage costs.

Therefore, flexible packaging is emerging as a preferred choice for several companies in the healthy food sector.

At “Right Pack,” flexible packaging is produced for the healthy protein bars “FitSpo,” for the “super” foods “My Roo’bar” of the company “Smart Organic,” as well as for other established and emerging companies in the production of healthy and “smart” foods.

гъвкави опаковки - хранителни продукти


Offset roll printing allows flexible packaging to be printed with high-quality graphics and design, providing our clients with the freedom to create memorable and distinctive products. Additionally, it simplifies the production process when a product has many variations and frequent design changes.

The offset roll printing machine at “Right Pack” is seven-color plus one flexo section. We also have machines for lamination, high-speed unwinding, and production of Doypack packages with zipper application.

гъвкави опаковки - хранителни продукти

In conclusion, flexible packaging has changed how we package and consume food in the last few years. Their ability to keep food fresh, convenience and ease of use, profitability, and sustainability make them a preferred packaging option for various food products.

Companies in this sector are constantly seeking more convenient and sustainable packaging options, and flexible packaging will continue to play a crucial role in meeting these requirements and shaping the future of food packaging.

At “Right Pack,” we predict that flexible packaging printing will continue to develop at high speeds. We will also witness the incorporation of more types of materials, some of which will be biodegradable packaging.