Packaging for Cosmetic Products – Leading Trends in 2023

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One of the key elements that influences the sales of cosmetic products is their packaging. In this article, we will explore the new packaging trends in the cosmetic industry, which is one of the most dynamic sectors. Some trends may be short-lived, while others will have a long-lasting effect, but one thing is for sure – the production of beauty and health products is constantly evolving.
The Right Pack Print House is a packaging manufacturer for the cosmetic industry and a long-standing partner of many cosmetic brands, both Bulgarian and global. Together with our clients, we stay on top of consumer demands and strive to meet them.

Trends in Cosmetic Packaging Production

Here are our insights and observations on the trends in the design and production of cardboard packaging in the cosmetic industry and how offset printing technology is changing to meet them.

The Dominance of Minimalism and the Demand for Sustainability Continues

Minimalism in cardboard packaging for cosmetics has emerged as a leading trend in recent years, gaining prominence to the point where it has coined a new term ‒ “skinimalism.” “Skinimalism” encompasses consumers’ desire to invest in brands that pursue sustainability, and this commitment is manifested through one of the first touchpoints ‒ the packaging.

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McKinsey’s research on global packaging development reveals that 75% of organizations have pledged to adopt sustainable packaging practices, however, only 30% are prepared to meet and effectively implement these requirements. Furthermore, a mere 15% of organizations have clear guidelines regarding recyclability, sustainability, and packaging design and production methods.
In conclusion, in order to meet the growing consumer demand for eco-friendliness, cosmetic manufacturers should invest in cost-effective packaging and integrate it into their strategies and communication.
At Right Pack Print House, we are well-equipped to fulfill this sustainability requirement, as we have already invested over 4 million euros in state-of-the-art, low-emission equipment that reduces our carbon footprint. In addition, we have the capability to carry out finishing activities, including the application of partial UV coating, with zero paper waste. We are eager to share our experience and knowledge, working side by side with our clients to develop and manufacture sustainable packaging solutions for the cosmetic industry.

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The Trend of Vibrant and Bold Colors in Cosmetic Packaging

Did you know that color influences 85% of purchase decisions? One of the hottest trends in cosmetic packaging is the use of bold and vibrant colors with eye-catching elements. Why? It is believed that they resonate with the constant desire for self-expression of the generation that dominates the cosmetics market ‒ millennials. The packaging should be slightly “noisy” and stand out on social media. Within this trend, we can outline several key variations:

  • Pastel gradients that evoke aesthetics.
  • Natural earthy tones.
  • Bright colors that foster a sense of optimism and youthful creativity.
  • Retro palettes from the 1960s.

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As you can probably imagine, achieving any of these trends requires uncompromising print quality. Offset printing provides excellent opportunities for color reproduction, allowing for precise rendering of a wide spectrum of colors and gradients. Such flexibility is particularly crucial in producing packaging for cosmetic products, as it enables the use of bright and intricate color combinations.

Sparkling Textures and Holographic Metallics

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Combining different technologies in finishing activities is an “evergreen” trend in the production of luxury packaging for cosmetics, which continues to dominate this year. From gold and silver foils to applying embossments, the Right Pack Print House has extensive experience in selecting and effectively utilizing finishing techniques to deliver truly impressive product packaging.

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“Smart” Packaging for Cosmetics

Cosmetic brands are progressively embracing technologies like QR codes and digital tracking to offer consumers effortless access to additional information about their products, ingredient details, or participation in games and other promotional activities. At Right Pack, we effectively integrate offset printing with smart packaging solutions, allowing brands to enhance transparency and engage with their customers through interactive and informative packaging.

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We hope that our research and insights are valuable to companies in the beauty and health sector. In summary, at Right Pack Print House, we continue to monitor the ever-evolving landscape of cosmetic packaging production. We believe that our investments in new technologies and know-how align with sustainable practices on a global scale, meeting the demands of today’s consumers. We are happy to support our clients’ bold ideas in developing innovative packaging for beauty and health products!