Gift Packaging – Get Ready for the Holiday Spirit and Christmas Sales

promotional packaging

As the holiday season approaches, many companies are thinking about how to impress their customers and boost their sales. One of the most effective ways to do this is through high-quality holiday gift packaging.
If you’ve already planned your branded holiday packaging, it’s essential to start producing it as soon as possible. Proper planning for Christmas holiday packaging begins as early as the summer.
At “Right Pack,” we have extensive experience in producing various complex gift packaging, including cardboard packaging, luxury paper boxes, wine boxes, and more. In recent years, we’ve even incorporated festive design elements into our flexible packaging production.

Winery boxes
In this article, we’ll emphasize the complexity and specifics of producing holiday packaging. We’ll also discuss the new technologies we use to save time and minimize waste in the printing process and share ideas for beautiful and impactful packaging.

Mastering the Art of Combining Different Effects

What makes gift packaging so appealing is the skillful combination of various coatings and effects. UV varnishing is one of the most popular choices. In response to our clients’ needs, we were among the first in Bulgaria to introduce digital technology for applying partial UV varnish. It operates without waste, has low emissions, and offers fast and convenient printing for both large and small quantities. This not only optimizes production time but also allows you to communicate that your packaging is produced with environmentally friendly technology.
In the luxury packaging segment, the “Right Pack” team recommends using raised UV varnish to emphasize specific elements on the packaging.

luxury boxes

Another effect that makes cardboard boxes truly festive is hot stamping. Gold and silver remain the most desired additions to Christmas boxes.

Promotional Boxes Combining Multiple Items 

Cardboard packaging

Christmas promotions often involve special offers with additional gifts or packages combining several products. These types of packages are strengthened with additional inserts. Luxury paper packaging is a good solution in these cases to protect the products and compensate for their greater weight, adding value with an elegant appearance.

Luxury Boxes for Wine and Other Alcoholic Products 

Luxury boxes for alcoholic products

One of the most preferred and evergreen holiday gifts is wine, often in combinations of two bottles or with other gift accessories. The possibilities for designing such packaging are diverse, including various shapes and opening methods.

Uncompromising Quality Control and Production Time Optimization

With so many elements and the addition of finishing activities like die-cutting, laminating, and gluing, it’s essential to have a reliable partner for packaging production. “Right Pack” offers a complete closed cycle from the project’s inception, printing, application of various effects and technology combinations, finishing works, to the issuance of the final packaging. We maintain full control over all production processes.
In the last two years, we’ve made investments of over 4 million euros in some of the most innovative printing machines, ensuring much faster printing, more effective quality monitoring during printing, minimal waste, and low emissions. “Right Pack” is the first printing house in Eastern Europe to use automation at this level, and many of our clients have already experienced its benefits.

MGI Jet Varnish digital technology

Whether you are an established brand or just starting, we are ready to offer you the best solution for producing your holiday packaging.