Superfood Packaging – еxploring the solutions in the Industry of healthy eating

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In a world where the significance of healthy and balanced eating is on the rise, the industry of superfoods and natural dietary supplements is booming. The interest in products that enhance our energy, concentration, and vitality is growing, leading to the emergence of numerous startups in this field.

Right Pack Printing House partners with a number of well-known companies, both Bulgarian and international, producing flexible packaging for protein bars, such as “Smart Organics” and the “FitSpo” brand. Moreover, numerous emerging brands in this sector also rely on our printing house. We provide them with our expertise and know-how for crafting compelling, investment-worthy packaging concepts for their innovative products.

As a leading printing house specializing in the production of flexible packaging, we comprehend the challenges which the companies in the healthy and innovative nutrition sector often face. The primary technology employed in printing flexible packaging is rotary offset printing, and Right Pack possesses the necessary machinery and technological solutions to offer a variety of alternatives that can replace standard glass or plastic packaging. This optimization extends to the production cycle, as everything takes place in a single facility, resulting in savings on supplementary operations such as gluing.

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The Blossoming Industry of Superfoods

The industry of superfoods and natural dietary supplements has exhibited consistent growth over the past five years. Consumers worldwide are seeking ways to eat healthy without sacrificing too much time. Expectations are that the global dietary supplements market will reach a value of over $230 billion by 2027. In Bulgaria, the sector is also on the rise, with the local market size amounting to around 50-60 million BGN, and manufacturers in the sector expect it to double in the coming years.

The appeal of the superfood and natural dietary supplement market has inspired numerous entrepreneurs to start their own companies. However, entering the industry poses various challenges, particularly concerning cost optimization.

The Significance of Flexible Packaging for the Development of Superfoods and Dietary Supplements

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Selecting the right packaging can be a pivotal decision, as it forms a vital component of product pricing, and the superfood market is becoming increasingly competitive. Flexible packaging is highly suitable for both protein bars and other types of dietary supplements due to significantly lower production and transport costs compared to its cardboard counterpart. Meanwhile, the print quality and color vibrancy achieved through rotary offset printing at Right Pack is excellent and guaranteed.

Zipper Pouches as Alternatives to Plastic and Glass Packaging

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Zipper pouches, also known as “stand-up pouche” or “doypack”, serve as excellent alternatives to traditional plastic and glass packaging and are suitable for dietary supplements in the form of soluble powder or granules. The advantages of zipper pouches include their portability, lightweight design, and compactness for convenient carrying in backpacks or bags. Meanwhile, they also offer good product preservation over an extended period.

Their interior can be reinforced according to customer needs and the nature of the stored product. The product comes in various weights and doses, and once opened, the pouch can be effortlessly resealed to preserve the natural ingredients that constitute the essence of every superfood.

Are Flexible Packaging Solutions “Green”?

The short answer is “yes”, as they utilize far fewer production resources. Additionally, they are lightweight and compact for transportation.

An increasing number of our health-conscious clients seek assurance that their products are manufactured with an environment-friendly approach.

At Right Pack, we are modernizing production and making efforts to implement more sustainable practices, thereby contributing to the concept of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, while also reducing harmful emissions and energy consumption.

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